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Depending on supplements is not enough for a healthier you

PhotobucketI know this is a blog that expounds the amazing benefits of dietary supplements and I’m a strong believer in augmenting my diet with extra vitamins and minerals, but you can’t escape the true goodness of a healthy, balanced diet.

This year, my immunity took a beating because of several food poisoning bouts from my Nepal trip last December. Not only was my stomach more sensitive, but also I caught a cold or cough almost every week if I overstrained myself by sleeping late or working out. Believe me, this was something hard to face as an active person and as someone who almost never got the flu.

What also got me was, I thought I was disciplined in taking all the supplements that could make me stronger — vitamin C, Echinacea, garlic, zinc, cod liver oil, and the odd multi-vitamin once or twice a week. But even they couldn’t save me.

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Why you should make omega fatty acids a part of your life

PhotobucketThe thing about taking dietary supplements is that you don’t see their immediate benefits and it’s something you need several months to experience any difference in your health. Omega fatty acid supplements fall into this category, in my opinion. If you want to reap the goodness of these “good fats”, you should be in it for the long haul.

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Supplements for healthy hair and nails

PhotobucketIf you’re worried about the luster of your hair and nails, there are solutions to expensive conditioners and regular manicures by switching to dietary supplements that can work from within to give to shiny locks and sturdy nails.

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Chamomile tea may help diabetes

PhotobucketI’ve always been a big fan of drinking chamomile tea before bed — it relaxes me and helps me sleep better.

What perked my curiosity further was a recent UK study on how drinking chamomile tea daily can keep some effects of diabetes type 2 at bay by preventing blood sugar production in the liver. It seems heartening that complications like loss of vision, nerve damage, and kidney damage, could be prevented by this traditional cure-all.

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The difference between natural and synthetic supplements

The word “natural” assures consumers that the product they are buying must be harmless and has no side effects.

That’s a bit of a myth. For example, in the case of herbs, in their “natural” form, can be harmful because they still be harmful if taken with other drugs or you could have an allergic reaction.

Labels with “synthetic” could make people assume they could cause cancer or they are not as good as the real thing.

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Vitamin C helps burn fat

PhotobucketIt’s become so common that you don’t even think about vitamin C. As a supplement junkie, it is a staple I take with my morning juice, among others.

We know a deficiency of this essential vitamin causes scurvy, but that’s like a 19th century problem, where the importance of fruit was not common knowledge.

Let’s fast forward to the present, why do we need vitamin C?

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Four kinds of fiber supplements for a stubborn system

Today I will broach an embarrassing and often uncomfortable topic: intestinal and bowel health.

I think everybody needs some fine-tuning now and again as we face changes in diet and lifestyle. A business trip could lead you to forgo healthier options or a surge in stress at work may force you to grab calorie-filled, fiber-low meals, like burgers and pizzas, while you’re on the go.

For me, I’ve had a sensitive stomach since a two-week biking trip in Nepal, so if I eat sashimi or salad that has been lying around, I may have to run to the toilet the very next day. In the search for a natural remedy, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that a bit of psyllium husk in my daily smoothie for a week helped my system to balance itself out. Thus began my research into the types of fiber supplements out there.

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Turn to superfood juices to give your health a boost

PhotobucketIf you’re one to dislike pill popping, drinking superfood juices that are power-packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins could be a delicious alternative in supplementing your diet, while keeping you hydrated this summer.

Many brands of fruit juices on supermarket shelves tend to be laden with sugar, so you may get your vitamins but at a cost — lots of unwanted calories. We recommend heading over to a specialized health food store for unsweetened juice.

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Supplements that women need but don’t know about

PhotobucketA lot of women know what the bare minimum should be in their supplement drawer: evening primrose oil (to balance those nasty hormonal changes) and calcium (to prevent osteoporosis). Also, the reasons for taking these are also a little hazy for most, so we thought this article would be helpful to explain what supplements are good and why.

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Supplements for acne problems

PhotobucketAcne is the kind of skin affliction that has a myriad of causes and it can be a distressing experience trying different treatments. Some just throw in the towel and surrender to antibiotics, like Accutane, Doxycycline, Minocycline, and Tetracycline.

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