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Blueberry extracts could reduce food intake and obesity

A joint research team from New Zealand and the US has found that rats fed blueberry extracts gained less weight than the rats that were not. The blueberry nibbling group decreased their food consumption by eight per cent, which also showed they felt full at that level of food intake.


What’s exciting if these findings could be translated to humans — could blueberry extracts find a significant role in weight-loss products? With half of Europeans and 60 per cent of Americans categorized as overweight, the diet industry is certainly paying attention to the potential of the blueberry.

The other conclusion of the study made was that the rats’ antioxidant levels in their blood measured higher than the control group.

Two varieties of the fruit were used — Maru and Centurion. It was found that the Maru type decreased food intake by 8.6 per cent, while the Centurion type produced a 6.2 per cent reduction. Therefore, the effect of the Maru strain had a more significant impact.

By eating less, the rats’ weight gain was also affected — the Maru variety showed a 9.2 per cent reduction in weight gain, as compared to the control group, while the Centurion type effected a 5.3 per cent decrease in weight gain.

Researchers still need to find out the precise mechanism for this satiation effect. They are speculating it has to do with the amino acids in the upper intestine.

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