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Can Echinacea make colds better?

Yes, it can, says a recent study on Echinacea, or the purple coneflower. One of Amerca’s most popular herbal supplements can actually prevent and shorten the common cold.

Before this study, there have been 14 previous ones with human beings which indicate that Echinacea not just reduces the chances of catching a cold by 31 per cent, but it also makes you feel better by a day and a half earlier if you’ve already got one.

But scientists also warn that there are more than 200 viruses out there that cause flu symptoms so the effectiveness of Echinacea could vary depending on which strain you’ve been exposed to.

The study shows that when the subjects were in their natural environment, there were better results when they took Echinacea. However, when subjects were exposed to a particular strain, the herb only increased their chances of avoiding it by only 18.5 per cent.

Unfortunately, Echinacea may not be for everyone because it may cause allergies in those who have allergies to flowers, especially the daisy variety that Echinacea comes from. Anyone with an autoimmune disease should also avoid taking this herb.

It’s also essential to note that the quality of Echinacea supplements available in the market vary very widely in terms of how much the herb is really inside.

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