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Can you get bigger breasts with supplements?

PhotobucketIn a UK newspaper today, there was a detailed article on how to increase your cup size without surgery. One of the suggestions was a herbal supplement called “Perfect C” which consists of “botanicals with natural estrogenic properties to increase estrogen levels in the body”. Since it’s a herbal concoction, the brand claims that there are no immediate harmful side effects.

Let’s list other herbs that are touted to increase womanly curves: dong quai, saw palmetto, Thai herb pueraria mirifica, wild yam extract, black cohosh, Siberian ginseng root, astragalus root, echinacea whole plant. As we all know, such supplements tend to be rather hazy in their results — some swear by it and some don’t see their cup size going anywhere but south.

How do breast enhancement pills work? They usually contain phyto-estrogens (phyto means plant) that are chemicals found in plant foods and behave similarly to the female sex hormone, estrogen. This tricks the body into thinking that it is in a state of pregnancy, which stimulates the production or estrogen and then your breasts will enlarge.

Medical professionals would definitely say creams and supplements won’t help in increasing breast size and the only way is cosmetic surgery.

Why do some women still buy into breast enhancement products? Any advertisement that reads, “Increase your bust size by three cups in just 90 days,” should draw skepticism from even the most gullible of consumers, we would think. Perhaps they need psychological reassurance that they are doing something about a body part they are unhappy with, even if they don’t see real results.

Such debate aside, the most important question is, are such herbal supplements safe? Scientific research has been done on the individual herbs usually used but there are no published studies on the effects of combining all of these herbs though there are murmurs in the media that there could be some on-going research focusing on this area.

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