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Chamomile tea may help diabetes

I’ve always been a big fan of drinking chamomile tea before bed — it relaxes me and helps me sleep better. What perked my curiosity further was a recent UK study on how drinking chamomile tea daily can keep some effects of diabetes type 2 at bay by preventing blood sugar production in the liver. […]

The secrets of coconut supplements

When you think of coconut, swaying palm trees on the beach and scented body lotion come to mind. You may even associate it with “unhealthy” things like pina coladas and gourmet chocolate that hide sinfully sweet shreds of its fiber. In fact, coconut milk has got a bad reputation, particularly in Asia, as a source […]

Citrus supplement to help diabetes

At the recent Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, an all-natural dietary supplement, called Diabetinol™, may help type 2 diabetics to lower their blood sugar and LDL-cholesterol levels. Almost 21 million Americans suffer from diabetes and Diabetinol™ could mean less health complications like kidney disease and nerve pain. Overall, this could lead to lower disability and medical […]

Vitamin D lowers risk of diabetes

The “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D, was voted one of the top 10 medical breakthroughs by Time magazine. Continuing this trend, researchers found that it can significantly reduce the risk of developing type 1 diabetes. This study was conducted by Manchester hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital for Women and Children, which was published in Archives of Disease […]