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Four kinds of fiber supplements for a stubborn system

Today I will broach an embarrassing and often uncomfortable topic: intestinal and bowel health. I think everybody needs some fine-tuning now and again as we face changes in diet and lifestyle. A business trip could lead you to forgo healthier options or a surge in stress at work may force you to grab calorie-filled, fiber-low […]

The secrets of coconut supplements

When you think of coconut, swaying palm trees on the beach and scented body lotion come to mind. You may even associate it with “unhealthy” things like pina coladas and gourmet chocolate that hide sinfully sweet shreds of its fiber. In fact, coconut milk has got a bad reputation, particularly in Asia, as a source […]

Why probiotics is good for you

Good bacteria can prevent or help certain frustrating health problems that perhaps regular pharmaceutial drugs cannot. Found in yoghurt, probiotics are highly popular in certain cultures — Northern Europeans have it with their meusli and the Japanese consume it as a healthy snack. In the mid-90s, scientific research showed the efficacy of probiotic therapy and […]