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Depending on supplements is not enough for a healthier you

I know this is a blog that expounds the amazing benefits of dietary supplements and I’m a strong believer in augmenting my diet with extra vitamins and minerals, but you can’t escape the true goodness of a healthy, balanced diet. This year, my immunity took a beating because of several food poisoning bouts from my […]

Why you should make omega fatty acids a part of your life

The thing about taking dietary supplements is that you don’t see their immediate benefits and it’s something you need several months to experience any difference in your health. Omega fatty acid supplements fall into this category, in my opinion. If you want to reap the goodness of these “good fats”, you should be in it […]

The secrets of coconut supplements

When you think of coconut, swaying palm trees on the beach and scented body lotion come to mind. You may even associate it with “unhealthy” things like pina coladas and gourmet chocolate that hide sinfully sweet shreds of its fiber. In fact, coconut milk has got a bad reputation, particularly in Asia, as a source […]

Beat fatigue with dietary supplements

Are you feeling drained from your action-packed day? Your health seems fine and you’re not sick either, but you just need a boost, so you reach for a steaming cup of delicious, milky latte. It keeps you going for a few hours and then you need, yet another cup. Isn’t that frustrating? Caffeine is an […]

Can Echinacea make colds better?

Yes, it can, says a recent study on Echinacea, or the purple coneflower. One of Amerca’s most popular herbal supplements can actually prevent and shorten the common cold. Before this study, there have been 14 previous ones with human beings which indicate that Echinacea not just reduces the chances of catching a cold by 31 […]

Ginkgo biloba and ginseng have no bad side effects with drugs

More awareness has been raised recently about the lack of research about the drug interactions with dietary supplements and its possible harmful consequences. There’s a general blanket belief that herbal and natural supplements can do no wrong, simple because, they are not chemical. Valid points were made but there shouldn’t be a paranoid fear of […]

Zinc deficiency could cause acne

You’ve tried every fancy acne product your friends recommended and even changed your diet to be a more healthful one, but you’re plagued with a stubborn outbreak of acne that just won’t go away. Perhaps you’re consuming something you shouldn’t or missing something from your diet, you may wonder. According to some researchers, acne may […]

Yak cheese better for your heart

Ever since we discovered the secret to longevity could be donkey’s milk, the hunt has been on for healthier alternatives to cow’s milk. The latest buzzwords in the food industry are yak cheese. A new research study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that yak’s milk contains more polyunsaturated fatty acids […]