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Vitamin C helps burn fat

It’s become so common that you don’t even think about vitamin C. As a supplement junkie, it is a staple I take with my morning juice, among others. We know a deficiency of this essential vitamin causes scurvy, but that’s like a 19th century problem, where the importance of fruit was not common knowledge. Let’s […]

All natural, safe appetite suppressants

Any product that has to do with weight-loss is always controversial — does it really work, or is it harmful to your body, does your old weight pile on after you stop taking it? Diet pills have been laced with amphetamines until the FDA banned it in the 1990s. So now most of them contain […]

Blueberry extracts could reduce food intake and obesity

A joint research team from New Zealand and the US has found that rats fed blueberry extracts gained less weight than the rats that were not. The blueberry nibbling group decreased their food consumption by eight per cent, which also showed they felt full at that level of food intake. What’s exciting if these findings […]