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Supplements that women need but don’t know about

A lot of women know what the bare minimum should be in their supplement drawer: evening primrose oil (to balance those nasty hormonal changes) and calcium (to prevent osteoporosis). Also, the reasons for taking these are also a little hazy for most, so we thought this article would be helpful to explain what supplements are […]

Cranberry prevents urinary tract infections, studies confirm

Harvard Medical School’s health magazine HEALTHbeat published an article in their June 10 issue that cranberry does help to prevent urinary tract infections (UTI).

Why probiotics is good for you

Good bacteria can prevent or help certain frustrating health problems that perhaps regular pharmaceutial drugs cannot. Found in yoghurt, probiotics are highly popular in certain cultures — Northern Europeans have it with their meusli and the Japanese consume it as a healthy snack. In the mid-90s, scientific research showed the efficacy of probiotic therapy and […]

Feel good again: Herbal supplements for PMS

Are you seeking a way out of severe PMS symptoms? If your daily dose of evening primrose oil doesn’t seem to be enough for you, you can also find relief in herbal supplements. Many believers of these herbs are strong advocates of their efficacy but it’s important to note that natural remedies such as those […]