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Citrus supplement to help diabetes

At the recent Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, an all-natural dietary supplement, called Diabetinol™, may help type 2 diabetics to lower their blood sugar and LDL-cholesterol levels.

Almost 21 million Americans suffer from diabetes and Diabetinol™ could mean less health complications like kidney disease and nerve pain. Overall, this could lead to lower disability and medical expenses, and less worry for sufferers.

The study suggested that if diabetes type 2 patients consumed Diabetinol™ over a longer period of time, it could significantly increase glucose tolerance or blood glucose numbers after having a meal. It also demonstrated that the hemoglobin AIC levels of the study subjects were lowered.

Hemoglobin AIC is a measurement of average blood glucose control over two to three months and is connected to one’s risk of developing diabetic-related illnesses like eye, kidney and nerve diseases.

In this research, Diabetinol™ increased glucose tolerance by 19 per cent, as compared to that of a standard type 2 diabetic drug.

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