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November 2008
China points finger at foreign milk products
Green tea compound may prevent diabetes: study
Hospitals see drop in paying patients
U.S. diabetes rate nearly doubles in a decade

October 2008
Genetic link to baldness could lead to new treatment and prevention
Health insurance costs outpace wages
Large food companies add new nutritional label
Scientists seek foods that suppress appetite
Democratic VP nominee Biden releases medical records
Junk food causes a third of heart attacks
Soy reduces breast cancer risk by receptor status
Telling your honey, ‘it’s time for a diet’
Does drinking alcohol shrink your brain?
Pediatricians say double vitamin D dose
Vitamin B no help for Alzheimer’s
32 salmonella illnesses reported in 12 states
Stomach ‘bug’ may lead to inflammatory bowel woes
Thyroid treatment: conventional or alternative?
Tiny bit of melamine in food is OK, experts say

September 2008
Drinking in early pregnancy tied to cleft lip
Health insurance premiums jump 5 pct this year
Some antidepressants may damage sperm
‘Bonding gene’ could help men stay married
E. coli in some Mexican-style cheese in NY
Let the mind help tame an irritable bowel
Study: Exercise may improve brain function in older adults

August 2008
Confusing food allergy warnings may get clearer
The scent of cancer could lead to early detection
Uninsured pay $30 billion for health care: study
Chronic ear infections may be linked to obesity
Does coenzyme Q10 help combat problems like hypertension or cancer?
Trace arsenic in water may be tied to diabetes
Being skinny is no guarantee of a healthy heart
Low vitamin D shown to raise death risk: U.S. study
Soy protein doesn’t lower cholesterol
Breakfast benefits may differ for boys, girls
Christina Applegate’s breast cancer: FAQ
Weekends tough on diet

July 2008
Fishy diet may protect against clogged arteries
Fitness protects brain in Alzheimer’s patients
No clear benefit of ovary removal with hysterectomy
Eating less may slow aging process
Fatty fish not equal in “good” fats: study
More Americans obese, government finds
Red yeast rice, fish oil fight high cholesterol
Fish oil supplements may reduce risk of asthma
Fruit juice tied to modest rise in diabetes risk
Probiotics help babies fight off respiratory ills
Vision vitamins may be harmful for smokers
Omega-3 fatty acid may guard against repeat stroke
Smokeless tobacco products do raise cancer risk
Study shows how broccoli fights cancer
Vitamins block post-meal grogginess in diabetics

June 2008
Big, well-balanced breakfast aids weight loss
Traffic pollution linked to childhood allergies, study says
Vitamin D helps colorectal cancer patients: study
Want to work better? Take a vacation
Ginkgo ‘does not treat dementia’
St. John’s wort is no better than a placebo for ADHD, Bastyr study finds
Vitamin D deficiency tied to heart attacks in men
Vitamin supplement not as effective as ads say: study
Low vitamin D associated with leg artery disease
Green tea extract useful for genital warts
Daily glass of wine cut risk of fatty liver disease
SoCal company recalls Liquimax vitamins
Swayze ‘responding well’ to cancer treatment
Fatty acids improve preterm infants’ mental abilities
Kennedy surgery called a success
Men and women may metabolize fructose differently

May 2008
Low vitamin D tied to back pain in older women
Avoiding food may beat jet lag
Flu bugs growing resistance to drugs: studies
Juice may beat fruit for preventing heart disease
Vitamin D helps kidney patients live longer: study
What’s “natural” when it comes to personal care products?
One in four Americans have daily pain
Red wine compound may kill pancreatic cancer cells
Study: HDL, or ‘good’ cholesterol looks better
U.S. On verge of measles outbreak?

April 2008
Tomato dishes may protect skin
Multivitamins are top diet supplement for teens
FDA finds hazardous levels of selenium in body building supplements
Green tea ingredient slows breast cancer
Omega-3 intake during last months of pregnancy boosts an infant’s cognitive and motor development
Vitamin K2 linked to lower prostate cancer risk
Potential for harm in dietary supplements
Chronic illness main factor in supplement use
Federal agents seize nearly $1.3 million of illegal dietary supplements

March 2008
Parkinson’s disease linked to pesticide exposure
‘Significant hair loss’ linked to dietary supplement: FDA warns
Prenatal omega-3 may aid babies’ brain development
FDA warns of salmonella risk with cantaloupes from Honduras
Arthritis sufferers urged to go vegan
Happy marriage, happy heart
Wal-Mart milk to have no artificial growth hormones
John McCain weighs in on autism-vaccine debate
Antibiotics overprescribed for common viruses: study
Popcorn ingredient causes lung disease: U.S. study
Quarter of American teenage girls have an STD
Brain fitness seen as hot industry of the future