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Supplements for acne problems

PhotobucketAcne is the kind of skin affliction that has a myriad of causes and it can be a distressing experience trying different treatments. Some just throw in the towel and surrender to antibiotics, like Accutane, Doxycycline, Minocycline, and Tetracycline.

But you pay a price for taking antibiotics because of its numerous side effects, so you may wonder if natural remedies could be a solid alternative. Though they do not give immediate results like antibiotics, dietary supplements and changing your nutrition could make acne more manageable in the long term.

Another perspective to take is that of many holistic practitioners who advocate tackling the problem from the inside as the root of acne is almost always an indication of another condition.

Problem: Antibiotics
Yes, they help to eradicate acne, but in the longer term, antibiotics could throw your intestinal system off-balance — while they kill bad bacteria, they also kill the good ones. Without the presence of good bacteria, bad bacteria are allowed to thrive and fuse with intestinal walls that prevent healthy nutrients to permeate. You could end up battling recurring acne problems.
Solution: Take a probiotic supplement, even if you are not taking antibiotics. A healthy gut translates to good skin. Calcium is great for reducing the severity of acne, so foods like broccoli and dark green leafy vegetables are great sources. It has been found that acne sufferers tend to be lactose intolerant if their intestinal walls were not in the best condition — calcium supplements would then be a trouble-free option.

Problem: Hormonal imbalance
Adults can suffer from excess hormones, which cause acne. Such individuals have abnormally high levels of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into a more potent form called dihydrotestosterone that plays a key role in the development of acne.
Solution: Phytoestrogens, or plant estrogens, can help to naturally rebalance the hormones and can be found in tofu and soy, so try to consume such foods at least three times a week. If you dislike the taste of soy, you could load up on soy supplements in capsule or tablet form. Flaxseed oil supplements also contain phytoestrogens so this is another option. You should also avoid yeast and white sugar, but fill up on whole grains and nuts.

Problem: Saturated fat
There isn’t a particular food that causes acne directly. It is the biochemical toxins produced by digesting saturated fats in animal products and hydrogenated fat in processed food, refined sugar, coffee and alcohol that produce acne as a way to get rid of the unwanted chemicals through the skin.
Solution: Avoid red meat and processed foods as much as possible. Turn to organic choices and fresh food.

Problem: Oily skin
There is a link between oily skin and pimples. This could indicate that your body doesn’t have enough natural oil so it produces more which leads to clogged pores, black heads and white heads.
Solution: Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from fish oil and flaxseed oil will re-balance your body’s natural oil barrier which will prevent it from producing excess sebum.

Problem: Acne that is slow to heal
There is no quick fix and don’t we all wish these unattractive, swollen bumps would disappear faster. You may suffer from a lack in certain mineral deficiencies that prevent your acne from healing more quickly.
Solution: Take zinc and selenium too boost your body’s healing power. These mineral supplements work to help your skin heal faster with their anti-inflammatory properties.

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