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Dong quai

What it’s good for
Affectionately coined as the female ginseng, this famous traditional Chinese herb is known for relieving premenstrual symptoms, irregular periods, menopausal symptoms, increases red blood cell count and helps to ease constipation.

Where to find it
In any major health food store.

How to take it
There has been no scientific establishment on what should be a standardized dosage per day, so there is a wide range in the quality and quantity of the herb available in the market. It is therefore best for dong quai to be administered by a trained herbalist.

This herb could increase the risk of bleeding, so if you have a bleeding disorder or are consuming anti-coagulant drugs, you should avoid it. Some people develop a higher sensitivity to sunlight so you should stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen if you are taking dong quai. Extreme but rare side effects include, diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite, burping, and bloating. Dong quai products may contain a lot of sucrose so diabetics should exercise caution.