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What it’s good for
Meadowsweet is found in northern and southern Europe, North America, and northern Asia. The flowers and flowering top are primarily used in herbal preparations, although there are some historical references to using the root.

Found in northern and southern Europe, North America, and northern Asia. Meadowsweet’s flower and flowering top are used as a traditional remedy for a variety of conditions. Besides treating rheumatic aches and pains, this herb is used to break fevers during a cold or flu and to ease those with poor urinary flow. Its antacid properties make it a good antidote to stomach complaints, especially heartburn.

Where to find it
In any major health food store.

How to take it
In a tea or infusion, 2.5 to 3.5 grams of the flower or 4 to 5 grams of the herb are recommended per day. For using a liquid extract, the ratio is 1:1 in 25% alcohol (2-6 ml), three times a day. To take it in tincture form, the ratio is 1:5 in 25% alcohol 2-4ml), three times a day.

People with sensitivity to aspirin should avoid the use of meadowsweet. It should not be used to lower fevers in children as it may possibly lead to Reye’s syndrome (a serious disorder in children when they have a viral illness and are treated with aspirin — it is characterized by vomiting and confusion). Also, people with bleeding disorders, ulcers, kidney disease, liver disease, or diabetes should refrain from using this herb. It is possible that Meadowsweet could interact adversely with alcohol, blood thinners, other anti-inflammatory drugs.